Traumatic Dental Injuries Need Immediate Attention

The most common dental injury, especially among youth, is clipped or cracked teeth. This usually occurs due to some kind of accident or sports injury. Dislodging a tooth or having it knocked out is less common, but still does happen.

The treatment you receive for traumatic dental injuries depends upon the extent of the injury. Whether the injury is severe or not, however, you’ll need to seek immediate dental care. What’s more, is that the teeth surrounding the injured tooth can also be affected and you’ll want an endodontist to examine you as soon as possible. An endodontist is a specialist who treats traumatic dental injuries. They used advanced technology to save and treat the tooth.

It can not be understated the need to have your traumatic dental injury immediately examined by an endodontist in order to save your tooth or teeth. Healthy gums and teeth are directly linked to your overall health and a traumatic dental injury, if ignored, will affect your health. In fact, people who keep their original teeth often live longer.

Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries

For a fractured tooth, the endodontist will likely put a tooth-colored filling in place. For a chipped tooth, he or she will likely repair it by reattaching the broken piece.

If there is damage to a crown fracture or the pulp is exposed or damaged, you may need a root canal. Also, back teeth that are cracked may need a root canal and crown. If your tooth is split, it may need to be pulled.

You may experience pain before you get to the endodontist to treat traumatic dental injuries. Avoid eating and drinking and bite down on clean gauze instead. Avoid using any oral topical medicine or ointments. However, you can take over-the-counter medication for pain.

In order to save your tooth after a traumatic dental injury requires that you seek immediate dental care. Endodontics is used for emergencies so you will be able to get an appointment right away.