Best dental implants

You can only talk about the best dental implants if the procedure is done correctly and work best for you. The type of implant use doesn’t really matter as long as you experience the best tooth implant. To achieve the latter, you need quality treatment planning of the dental procedure, which precise timing of the whole process from the beginning to the last day, you will have a crown placed on the implant.

Most of the patients who meet the implant criteria often have better success rates simply because they’ve healthy gums with sufficient bones and gums. However, this doesn’t mean you are not fit for a dental implant if your health doesn’t meet this threshold. When the implant is placed correctly, you’re sure of a 95% success rate, considered the best teeth implants for any patient. In general, the success rate of the best dental implant depends on the following factors:

  • The type of medication taken by the patient
  • Patient’s gum-line and oral hygiene
  • The site where the implant is being placed
  • The nature of the patient’s occlusion
  • The quality of bone
  • General health among others

A patient can easily tell if the tooth implant is best once placed inside the gum and integrated with the bone. The best implant should feel like other healthy teeth and restore your tooth functionality and aesthetics. The procedure will achieve a high success rate only if the dental implant procedure is done correctly and well placed.

Failure to take good care of tooth implants can become the worst nightmare, especially if an infection develops in the gum where the implant is placed. Some of the complications that are likely to arise include overloading, bone loss, gingivitis, and rejection of the implant by your body. Such problems should not scare you if you’re yet to go for a tooth implant because you can avoid these complications with proper planning and treatment. The essential aspect of best dental implants is getting correct placement through a competent dentist with years of experience.