Amazon Suffers Global Outages on Prime Day

Recently, the customers in the US and elsewhere are struggling to access the Amazon’s website as it is one of biggest annual sales, Amazon Prime Day, now gets under the way.

Many of the customers reported that the e-commerce platform had crashed, and showing an error message that: “sorry, something went wrong on our end.”

Generally, the issues are reported in the US but also occurring on some other continents too.

The which tracks the outages said that the problem had begun soon after the sale kicked off at 15:00 in the US.

Amazon said in a tweet that, the company was working to resolve the issues. Some of the customers are facing difficulty in online shopping, and we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. As many of the customers are completing their shopping in the first hour of the Amazon Prime Day in the US; and compared from the last year, then this year customers have ordered more item in the first hour of the Prime day Sale. As there are numerous deals to come and more than 34 hours to shop on an Amazon Prime Day.

According to the recent reports, many customers have been experienced errors in both on the desktop site and also in the mobile application.

Some of the customers also saw an error page which is featuring the “dogs of Amazon,” and they were unable to enter in the site, while some others could not enter in the explicit product pages.

However, some customers were unable to complete the purchases at the checkout, while some other customers are reported that the “deals” page and “Shop all deals” button had also moved out from the Amazon site.

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