How to Find the Broken Image Icon in Google Chrome Browser?

Some of the Google Chrome browser users is facing several issues that where the image icons are broken. Every web browser will stumble across this problem multiple times, and as always, you will get several ways to get it fixed, in this post.

Always remind that you will get an image icon when a website’s image fails to load. In this issue, the site is not the problem, but instead Google Chrome. However, it is not so easy but we can e=try it with the below-given method.

How to get the Broken Image Icon in Chrome?

If the Google Chrome picture icons are broken in the browser while loading load a web page, and the images are not shown or are missing, here are a step is mentioned, you need to apply all to fix this problem.

1- Clear the Chrome’s cache

  • The first step to resolve this issue, you need to clear the cache in Google Chrome.
  • Click on the three dot icon and then choose the History from the menu.
  • Now, click on the Clear browsing data and then select the only cached images and files, click on the Clear Data option that is placed at the bottom.

Is Google Chrome set to show images?

  • In every web browser has the turn off images option, and the same can be shown for Chrome. Possibly, this is the missing link, so let’s search out.
  • To confirm for accidentally blocked images in Chrome you need to click on the three dotted button yet again, then select the Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, move to the advanced option, select the Content Settings to launch a new section.
  • If the option is showing “Do not show any images is not selected,” please do so then activate Show all images.
  • Click on the Finish option then load this webpage to get if images are now active again.

2- Disable the Chrome Extensions

Many problems faced by web browsers can be traced back to one or more extensions. The simple solution to confirm that an extension is causing the broken image icon, you need to disable all of the extensions and re-enable them one-by-one.

  • To do this, click on the three dotted button again and select the Settings.
  • Then move to Extensions.
  • You’ll need to disable all active extensions and restart the Chrome.
  • Then check if images are loading correctly.
  • After that, re-enable extensions one after the other to find out that one is the cause of this problem.
  • After getting the cause, keep that extension disabled until the developer releases an update. 

3- Reset the Chrome

If above-given methods have failed, then you should reset the Google Chrome to its default factory settings. It is an excellent way to fix most of the problems, but there’s a downside. You will get, if you have not enabled Chrome to store data in the cloud, you will lose everything.

  • To reset Chrome, click on the three dotted menu icon and then select Settings, move to Show advanced settings.
  • Do with the mouse to the bottom and then click on the Reset to restore Chrome option to its original setting.

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