Fortnite: Guide to Link Accounts & Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

Cross-play comes on every single platform, also in PS4, permitting everyone to play with each other in “Fortnite: Battle Royal.” Once you download the latest update, cross-play is unlocked. For this, you need to link accounts and add friends. You have to share your account progression for playing with people on other platforms. If you want to play on a computer, then you have to swap to the Nintendo Switch. Now you can play and retain all your account progress across every platform.

For long, Sony denied permitting cross-play with other consoles on their system. However, Nintendo permitted cross-play on the Switch and it is a wonderful development for the slow-paced company. For enabling cross-play and sharing your XP progress and unlocking across multiple platforms, you will require to connecting your accounts through an Epic online account.

Here are the steps to follow for linking your console account:

  1. Log in to your account on the official site of Epic.

When you are logged in, then you require to linking your Epic account with your console ID (PSN ID, Nintendo Switch Online ID, or Xbox Live ID). It is possible that all your console accounts can be linked to a single Epic account.

  • Choose which account is your primary or secondary account.

Your Primary account consists all the account progression and customization that you want to keep whereas Secondary account is one which you don’t care much comparatively.

  • Separately Log in with your different console accounts.

Connect each console account through the login on the official site of Epic.

  • Unlink the Secondary console accounts.

It sounds surprising! But yes, you have to link them first then unlink them.

Visit the “Account pull-down” from your secondary console account, then visit the “Connected Accounts tab.” Unlink console account from the console ID.

  • Link your Secondary console account to your Epic account that is connected with your Primary account.

Visit the “Account pull-down” again then choose “Connect”from the connected accounts tab to link an ID from the console that you just delinked now.

  • That’s it! You can link your console account much more comfortable with the help of the account merger tool.

Now you need to add friends to your primary Epic account after re-linking and de-linking the console accounts.Adding friends to your primary Epic accounts will permit you to play with added friends on any platform. The Epic Launcher can only add friends on computer or handheld devices. When you have added friends, you can enjoy in an in-game lobby. Enjoy it with friends from different platforms, and you will match make with players on your friend’s platform.

When you have linked console accounts and added friends, then you will be able to cross-play and match make with different platforms.

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