How Can You Create Shared Photo Album on Facebook?

Facebook recently has introduced another stunning feature for its users. Users can share their photo albums using this new feature.

Before this feature was introduced, you would upload pictures to your Facebook account and share those pictures with your friends. This new feature has just come and evaded most of the shams which were faced by Facebook users. Thus it is making people come a little closer and helping in creating a better social network.

By using this feature, you can add your friends as contributors on your shared photo album. Each one of them is going to have the full rights to view, add, and edit pictures in your photo album. Who can see the shared albums can also be selected, it just depends on you that who you want to look at your shared albums. The entire privacy level of these photo albums is in your hand. You can make changes accordingly.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to make shared photo albums on your Facebook account:-

  1. First of all, open your FB account and go to the Photos section.
  2. Tap on the Album option, and you will get to see all your created albums.
  3. Now you need to open any of the albums. There you will find the Make Shared Album option.
  4. Before you start making a Shared Album, make sure that you have at least 1 photo in the new album you are creating.
  5. When you start making a Shared Album, you will also need to add your friend or friends as a contributor so that they could also share their photos in this album of you, because everybody will be able to see the same album on the contributor’s timeline.

You may also use the privacy feature provided by Facebook on the shared album as per your want.

Privacy options that are available with Shared Album feature:-

  • Public: Every member of Facebook is able to see your photos.
  • Friends of Contributors: The contributors, people who are tagged in photos and friends of people who are tagged, will be able to see the photos.
  • Contributors Only: The contributors and only the people who are tagged in photos will be able to see the photos.
  1. As soon as you complete selecting the Contributors and setting the Privacy standard, click on Save option.

Now a Shared Album has successfully been created by you on your Facebook account.

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