How to Crop or Zoom Video in iMovie for iPhone/iPad

To be more comfortable, you can crop or zoom a video or movie in the iMovie on your iPhone or iPad. Cropping a video in iMovie will allow you to zoom in on a movie. If you want to crop out unnecessary elements or frame the video to emphasize something else, then this tutorial will help you. It will guide you how to zoom and crop a movie or video in iMovie. With the help of the post, you can zoom into the video highlight instead.

However, cropping of a video is not same as trimming that is used to shorten the total length to cut out extraneous content. This post will help you to complete this time without conflicting any issue.

If you are a Mac user, then you can also perform a similar cropping video track in iMovie for Mac PC. iMovie will offer this facility for IOS users to crop videos, but it is not entirely dependent is on crop button, and instead, the iMovie for iOS app indirectly provides the crop ability by calling it to zoom.

Many other features for cropping a video are hidden behind a few layers of interface abstraction on the iOS device, and you can get them quickly. Many iPhone or iPad users think that there is no more function in iMovie for iOS.  But you do not need to worry about it, and you can crop a video in iMovie directly on your iPhone. For this, you do not need to download any third party apps on your device.

Steps to Crop or Zoom Video in iMovie for iPhone/iPad:-

For this task, you need import into iMovie on the iOS.  Before starting the process, you need to make sure that you have installed iMovie app on your device.

  • Launch the iMovie app in the iOS, then tap on the “Projects” option.
  • Click on the big plus sign “+ Create Project” button.
  • Then select the “Movie” option from the mentioned options.
  • Select the video that you want to crop from the iOS library so that it has a blue color check mark.
  • Then click on the text “Create Movie” button.
  • iMovie will open the video into the project.
  • Then tab on the video timeline/scrubber button.
  • You will get an additional toolbar along with a tiny magnifying glass in the corner of the video.
  • Click on that tiny grey magnifying in the corner to enable the crop or zoom feature of iMovie in your iOS device.
  • Now magnifying glass will say “Pinch to zoom video.”
  • Now, you will able to use a pinch or spread gesture on the movie preview to zoom and crop the video.
  • Please do that until the video is cropped/zoomed sufficiently to your needs.
  • If you have satisfied with the cropping than ck=lieck on the “Done” text button.
  • Save and export cropped movie or video from iMovie.
  • Tab on the Sharing / Action button. It will look like a box with an arrow.
  • Select your suitable location to save the video.
  • Select the size that you want to export the video.

Please Note- HD videos always have a larger size, but higher quality compared to the other video exporting settings.

Now return to your photos app and then move to the Camera Roll to see the cropped/zoomed video.

There is no doubt that when you have saved the video initially, that time the thumbnail may not show the cropped and zoomed video, but despite not indicating that the video has been cropped or zoomed in that thumbnail when you look for the actual saved and exported video, it will be cropped.

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