How to Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gaming console is one thing that can be gifted to all the gamers, but ta time comes when many Nintendo Switch users have to sell their gaming console. There could be any reason for selling the Nintendo Switch, but one should understand that before selling it to anyone, the Switch console needs to be reset.

If the data is not cleared from the gaming console, then the next user or player can take huge advantages of the account in Nintendo. To remove all the information and entries from the device, Factory Resetting the Nintendo Switch is the only option. Since it will remove all the information including your registration and saved games, the method is suitable for anyone.

If you are also planning to sell your Nintendo gaming console, then you should follow these steps to reset your Switch to ensure that the gadget is all geared up for sale.

Here’s how to Factory reset Nintendo Switch

Transfer Data

Before resetting the Switch, you must transfer the data since Nintendo hasn’t released a backup support system in their device. Since the device keeps all the information, saved games and purchases, you would not like to lose the data. Current option or the method available right now is transferring all the data and information to another Switch system.

Factory Reset a Nintendo Switch

  1. Tap Home menu and select the System Settings.
  2. Now, tap the System button and select Formatting Options.
  3. Tap Restore Factory Settings.
  4. Remember once you select the to erase everything option, your device will remove-
  • Software data
  • Saved data
  • User information
  • Nintendo Account Link
  • Registration of the Console
  • Saved settings
  • All information records.

Well, there would be no other reason to reset the Nintendo Switch than selling it. Resetting will restore the factory settings, and the device will be ready to store the new information and data of the new player. As you did reset your Nintendo Switch, now you are prepared to sell the Switch Console to anyone interested in buying it.

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