How to Fix Cannot Find PUBG dxgi.dll

PUBG, an abbreviation for Playerunknwon’s Battleground is a new trending and amazing online game. People have fallen in love with this unique game, where anyone can play online anytime and anywhere. The graphics make the game more attractive. Hence, gamers are playing this addictive game. Since some of the gamers’ played the game using cheat codes of the game, it tended the developer to make and release an anti-cheat patch. The patch made cheating impossible. As a result, there were side effects of it, and PUBG might display an error message saying “cannot find PUBG dxgi.dll while starting the game.” This might be frustrating for PUBG gamers because they cannot play the game until the error stop displaying.

 If you’re one of the gamers who are facing the same issue, then follow the instructions below. These will help you to repair the problem.

  1.    Delete the dxgi.dll file

Delete or Uninstall ReShade. The files that are needed to be removed are dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini, dxgi.log.

The message appeared, shows the address of the files which is “\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\”

You can move the dxg.dll file to another location. This will help you to restore the file again. Now, try to start the game again. The error should not appear but if it does then jump to the other method.

  1.    Reinstall Microsoft DirectX

By reinstalling you can fix the problem even when you don’t have ReShade. During the process of reinstallation, DirectX utilizes the ‘dxg’ library. The dxg.dll file will be repaired as well and the game will run this time. Don’t forget to reboot your system after reinstallation.

Since the game has won several hearts and became famous among gamers, it is essential to look for the solutions for the issues. Though the developer released the patch against cheating in the game, the results are evoking error that prevents the game from running in the system. It is sure that the patch has created inconvenience, but the solutions can efficiently provide a way to play the game again.

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