How to Get Bokeh Effects on Any iPhone

One of the unique perceived benefits of iPhone 7 Plus was that it has dual-camera. When it was released, everybody lauded its camera quality. Also, its Portrait Mode feature was critically-acclaimed. This feature lets you take pictures which have the depth of field and blur effects. The depth of Field employs the bokeh effect for images by recognizing the subject of the image and blurring the backdrop. To get this DSLR effect, you need a fast lens. However, iPhone does not have the hardware for it. Therefore, it uses a software to create bokeh effects.

Now, Depth of Field feature was introduced in iPhone 7 Plus. It is present in iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X as well. If you have an older iPhone, then do not lose hope. You can still use this striking feature and wow your friends with your amazing mobile photography skills. Here is how you can get  Portrait Mode or use Bokeh Effects on any iPhone:


FabFocus is an application for bokeh effects. You get to select bokeh shame, blur amount, etc. It employs facial recognition to generate an automatic bokeh effect around the area it recognizes as a face. If the facial recognition fails, then users can cover the subject. Follow the steps given below to add bokeh or blur effects to photos on iPhone:

Firstly, download FabFocus on your device.

  1. Go to the Apple App Store and purchase it for $1.99.
  2. After downloading the app, tap on its icon.
  3. In the FabFocus Would Like to Access the Camera pop-up box, select OK.
  4. Similarly, you need to tap on OK in the FabFocus Would Like to Access Your Photos prompt.
  5. Now just click a picture by hitting the shutter button located in the lower mid area.
  6. If you want to use the front-cam, then press the button located on the upper left-hand edge to change the camera.
  7. Hit the Start icon located at the lower mid area to get the bokeh effect.
  8. If the image has more than one subject or face, then FabFocus will be unable to detect and blur it automatically. You will get notified with the following message: No face found – add blur manually.
  9. Hit the edit button in the lower tray on the screen.
  10. Now, you merely need to take the brush and highlight the portions as per your wish. Move the brush across the area you wish to emphasize.
  11. You can also paint certain segments that you want to highlight. Just hit the paintbrush icon located in the lower tray and move it across the part to highlight it.
  12. If you have selected the wrong portion and wanted to undo it, the first highlight the area and then hit the eraser option located in the tray, to the left of paint.
  13. You can also change the brush size by sliding the bar located at the uppermost side of the screen. Dragging it to the left will decrease the brush size and dragging towards the right will increase it.
  14. You can also add more changes. Press the icon for More located in the lower left-most corner of the screen. You can alter the blur shape, and change its intensity.
  15. After making all the necessary changes, just press the tick icon located in the lower right-most edge of the screen to save all the changes.

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