How to Unsend Messages in Facebook Messenger

Very soon Facebook will allow you to unsend the messages in its Messenger app. Removing or unsending a message can leave you in a room of embarrassment. At times, you quickly regret what you sent. You need to be quick in doing it because you only have 10 minutes after tapping “send” to delete the message. After that, you can’t make any change to the already posted message. This feature of unsend is recently available to Facebook Messenger users in Bolivia, Poland, Colombia. It will be released worldwide very soon.

How does the Unsend feature in Facebook Messenger work?

  1. Long press on the message that has been sent within the last 10 minutes.
  2. Now at the bottom of the screen, you will see a new Remove option.
  3. Choose it.
  4. You will be presented with a prompt asking if you would like to Remove the message for everyone or Remove it only for you.
  5. The latter option will remove the message only in your view of the conversation.
  6. Remove for everyone will remove the message from the conversation for all of the recipients.
  7. Placeholder message will allow the recipients of the authentic message know you have removed a message in place of where the message appeared initially been.

Even after you have deleted the message, Facebook will keep it for a little longer to see if it has been marked for abuse. Facebook is also working on related features like the ability to set the messages or chat logs to expire after a specific time. These may come handy for maintaining the privacy. Facebook should ensure that the feature is not empowering bully.

This new feature is different from the one that used to delete Zuckerberg’s previous messages before seven months. A time limit of 10 minutes did not restrict the deleted messages.

Revealing the plans for Unsend button now can serve to dampen backlash by making Zuckerberg look like a beta tester of the feature. It eventually normalizes Unsend as typical behavior.

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