How can you Uninstall Preinstalled Application and Games in Windows 10?

While installing the Windows 10, some game and apps automatically get pre-installed along with the Installation of Windows. For instances, you might find Bubble Witch 3, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and many more. If you wish to, then you can easily uninstall preinstalled Apps and Games as well as all the applications which you have already installed from the Microsoft Store through the Windows Settings.

Steps to Uninstall Preinstalled Application and Games in Windows 10

In this Article, we provide you the complete information which can help you in Uninstall all the Preinstalled Apps and Games by using the Settings of Windows 10. And for this, there are a few simple steps by which you can be able to uninstall all the apps and games which is pre-installed. The steps are mentioning below, but you need to follow all the steps in a chronological order to avoid trouble and also to save your precious time, and it will take fewer efforts. The steps are discussed below:

  1. Click on Start Menu icon.
  2. Right-click on “Game & App” option.
  3. Choose “Uninstall” option. Also, install it through Settings option.
  4. Alternatively, press “Windows + I” together on the keyboard, to launch the Windows 10 Settings.
  5. Next, move towards the “Apps” option. And select “Apps and Features” option.
  6. A list of installed games and apps along with the Windows 10 Installation appear on the right of your screen.
  7. Again, select an “App,” then click on the Advanced Options tab.
  8. On the other hand, click on “Uninstall” option.
  9. Again, click on Uninstall tab, for the confirmation.

Congratulations! Your selected Apps has uninstalled immediately.

We strongly suggest you that you might not be able to uninstall all the preinstalled apps such as Calculator, Camera, Mal Calculator, Maps, etc. but by this process, you can uninstall apps like SketchBook, Spotify as well as any other Microsoft Edge Extension.

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