Ways to Find Out your Phone Number

There are some ways to find out your own phone number. Only a few people bother about remembering phone number these days. It may be that you can’t commit to memory your personal number, but if you need it for any reason, it is explained how you can find out your number on different networks and the phones. It is hardest at times to remember your own phone number. As we never call ourselves, how are we supposed to remember it? Thankfully there are some ways to find out the phone number quickly. The process varies on what type of phone you use. There are some ways given below to find the phone number for each of the major mobile operating systems mainly the Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you have any old phone, then scroll to the bottom for tips to find the phone number on the phone.

On the iPhones

  • Open “Settings” app
  • Scroll down below and tap on the Phone
  • Your phone number now should display at the top of the screen.

On the Android phones

The process will vary from Phone to phone, they are not all alike, but it can be found what is required by following this general method.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app
  • Scroll to the bottom of a list, and find About phone, select it, select status.

Your phone number may be listed in the myriad of options. If there is an option for ‘SIM’ status, your number may be there. It will be easier for the Android users to search for the Setting app. There will either be a magnifying glass or the search word. Select it and enter the phone number.

On the Windows Phone

  • Open the ‘phone’ app
  • Tap on three dot icon in the bottom corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Top of the page, here you will find the phone number

On the ordinary mobile

  • Poke around in your phone’s settings for the option to view phone number
  • You may also call your home phone or friend’s phone and tell them to read your phone number back to you from caller ID
  • You also can dial 611 on your phone to contact the customer care, after verifying the account, they will tell your phone number.

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