YouTube Announced to Spends $25 Million to Fight Against Fake News

On Monday, YouTube announced a commitment of $25 million for fighting with the fake news on its platform, and also part of the $300 million Google News program launched in March of this year.

However, the YouTube will show the links and previews to some news articles and also their sources in its search results page; along with the reminder which details and facts can change in the developing stories.

By starting recently, some of the videos will also include text directly from the outside sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia and also make easier for the viewers to reach their own conclusions.

Recently, YouTube said in a statement on its official blog post that the company knows that there is a much more of work to do, but they are enthusiastic to provide some better experience to the users who also come to the YouTube every day. This better experience is only to learn more about what is actually happening in the world from a variety of sources.

Now, the YouTube will also be joining the help of some of the platform’s which is very popular creators only to educate the consumers especially kids about the fake news. John Green, Ingrid Nilsen and also Mark Watson will now work with the Media Wise to educate all the teenagers about the digital media literacy.

Therefore, the YouTube has been facing backlash for more than a year which is directly related to the inappropriate and hateful videos as well as some fake news on its website. Previously, in November, the company has deleted almost 150,000 videos which attracted the sexually inappropriate comments that are aimed directly on children. When the YouTube Kids application seemingly showed some violent videos, now the company is also created new guidelines only for the protection of kids from the disturbing content. YouTube has also banned videos which are showing how to make the guns in March.

Now the company will work on making them easier for the people to find the news easily with Top News and Breaking News features which highlight the videos from the news organizations. However, these features are already available in 17 countries including the US, UK, France, Nigeria, and Italy. The company said that it would automatically double the number of countries who can access these features soon.

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